Relief is a multi-disciplinary creative agency

based between Paris & Biarritz

celebrating the outdoor lifestyle,

driven by our passion for art and adventure.

As artists, creatives, surfers, sailors, travelers and nature lovers inspired by their passion and constantly changing environment, our RELIEF Agency members focus their time and work on revealing stories worth telling. Today, RELIEF Agency also represents the most brillant artists, innovative photographers, audacious explorers and passionate surfers. With more than 10 years of experience both in the design and outdoor industry as well as in print and digital medias, we’ve been producing editorial work for some of the most innovative brands. Our highly experienced and expert agency team can work on short contracts, long-term projects or turn initial ideas into beautifully crafted creations, allowing us to offer our clients original and engaging solutions to their creative needs.

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Poler Stuff

Community Management →


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Matthieu Tordeur / Objectif Pôle Sud

Global project communication & representation →

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Swenson global

Global Art Direction & Editorial Management →

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Alain Mikli

Art Direction & Branding →

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Renault Design

Art Direction & Storytelling →

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Short clips and Storytelling →



Photo content & Storytelling →

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Brand Concept & Storytelling →


Every brand has a story to tell and an audience to address. Both with a strong visual and a deep content, RELIEF creates 360° campaigns dedicated to your project and inspired by your culture.


« After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.`` Philip Pullman. We believe in storytelling to be the most powerful marketing tool, and provide emotional and dynamic narratives able to create an impact.

Art Direction

We’ll write your story together. Through still visuals production, imagery in motion and all kinds of high-quality customized visual content, we create experiences and produce wordless narratives.

Digital Creation

Contemporary businesses and brands cannot avoid the power of ad marketing and networking. Today, brands need to promote their products and services on the social medias in order to expand on a global scale.

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